Let's connect you with your clients!
Facebook is used every month by 2.5 billion people who keep in touch with friends and family or check important information.  I help my clients to find new customers and establish lasting relationships with them.
I have worked with hundreds of clients in various industries – from retail and eCommerce, financial services, motorization, through games and technology up to entertainment and media companies.
What campaigns do I offer?
Depending on a client's business nature, needs and targets I run following types of ads:
• Brand awareness building (including long-term strategy planning)
• Apps' promotion (downloads and in-app purchases increase)
• Online sales increase (for single products sales as well as eCommerce services)
• Leads generation (for ready-to-use customers database and canvass)
• Retargeting, remarketing & cross selling (to reach customers who already know your brand)
Want to work with me?
Don't hesitate to talk to me on +48 696 416 074, by email on contact@jakubjacek.pro or just use the form on my contact page

I can also help your business via:

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